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Drawers Overfloweth? 7 Ideas to Solve the Problem Once and for All!

February 2, 2018

By: Jamie Wiebe

Honeycomb dividers will tame the messes in your dresser.

Messy junk drawers. Unorganized spices. Your overflowing dresser. Drawers and cabinets are supposed to keep you organized, not hide what you need.

Don’t despair.

Whether you choose a DIY solution, an inexpensive store-bought fix, or even a custom-made splurge, solving your organizing disaster is totally doable. Here’s how.

#1 Boxes for Your Bathroom Drawers:

You might have pristine quartz countertops, a shiny rain showerhead, gorgeous oak cabinetry, but if opening the drawers in your newly remodeled bathroom destroys the illusion you carefully crafted, you need some help to restore your dream of neat and tidy.

These makeup and toiletry drawer organizers can do that. The one in the top drawer costs around $80, and the one in the bottom drawer is just over $50 at Kohler. You can get a similar solution with inexpensive bamboo boxes that cost as little as $4 each.

#2 Honeycomb Dividers for Socks and Underwear:

Some glorious souls are so organized they even fold their underwear. Not quite capable of that level of dedication — but still desperate to make sense of your undies? Honeycomb drawer dividers (like this set from Whitmor for $9) might save your sanity.

These dividers snap together, making for a perfect fit no matter the size of your drawer. (You can even trim the set to fit short, squat drawers.) Create an organizer’s dream drawer by giving each tie, pair of socks, or lingerie their own honeycomb.

#3 Old CD Holders for Plastic Lids:

CDs are practically as ancient as your grandparents’ cassette tapes, but for some reason, CD holders are still around. That’s probably because those slots are the perfect size for all your wandering plastic lids. If you don’t happen to have one hanging around, you can find them at thrift stores for practically pennies, or pick up a new one for about $13.

#4 A Flexible Dock for Knives:

If your knives are a jumble in a drawer, you’re not only risking your skin, your knives will get duller faster. Save your skin — literally — by picking up a knife dock, such as the one pictured (Deluxe Bamboo Knife Dock, about $50) that you can store in a drawer. Plus it’s customizable to accommodate a variety of knives, everything from your biggest chopper to your tiniest steak knife.

#5 Pull-Out Drawers for Deep Cabinets:

Your knees just can’t take it anymore. Every time you make your famous chili, they scream in agony as you dig waaay in the back to extricate your beans.

Pull-out drawers to the rescue! You can retro-fit yours by buying the hardware for about $300, or if you’re remodeling, you can get cabinets with pull-outs already in them — like the MasterBrand Cabinets one pictured here.

#6 A Drawer for Spices:

Stuffing your spices into a cabinet makes cooking even more complicated. Your chicken curry needs paprika, and you know it’s in here somewhere. Beside the black pepper? No. Hiding behind the thyme? Gah…

Like the pull-out solution above, you can retrofit a drawer with a spice drawer insert (starting around $15) or go for custom, like this spice drawer from Western Custom Cabinetry. Never lose your lemongrass again.

#7 Custom Drawer Organizers That Change With Your Needs:

Getting that perfect in-drawer fit for your clothing can be an impossible task — especially when you’re squeezing your favorite Christmas sweater and your collection of silk chemises into the same space. And as your lifestyle changes (maternity clothes on the horizon?), your needs change.

If you can afford custom organizers that let you adjust your drawers as needed (like the ones pictured above from Wood-Mode) you’ll be set for life.

It’s a splurge (when we asked about cost, the people at Wood-Mode said they couldn’t really give one because everything is custom-built; they’ll even custom-build a solution for your existing drawers!). But if you’re customizing a closet because you want a peaceful, organized feeling, this solution could be priceless.

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